unicore automated debt collection

Automated debt collection

Application also available as a service that relieves you of your daily debt management obligations. Outsourcing of a complete debt recovery process through an ecosystem of partner services. The application processes information from the economic system and information of turnovers on bank accounts. All procedures and activities are performed based on the customer’s configuration of application.
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Checks payments

Keeps track of the status of claims such as invoices or payment calendars

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Recover debts

Resolves overdue receivables independently, reliably and effectively

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Saves money

Reduces the cost of personnel and the time required for debt collection

Care for the financial health
of the company with minimal effort

Delivery of documentation

Receivable documents such as invoice, payment schedule and contractual documents are delivered to the customer in the preferred way. They may be printed on paper and sent by postal letter or delivered electronically. The application uses all currently available electronic channels such as Email, Viber, Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS and upcoming RCS messages to communicate with the customer. Delivery of letters and electronic messages is monitored and used in the processing of receivables.
automated delivery of documentation
automated notification of due dates

Notification of due dates

The application supports the reminder of the approaching due date of the receivable based on the historical behavior of the debtor. The reminder can be used in case of repeated neglect of the debtor’s obligations or as a polite reminder for each customer. Of course there is the possibility to use any of the selected communication channel.

Reminding of debtors

A receivable whose payment is overdue is automatically identified and processed based on an evaluation of the receivable parameters and the history of the debtor. Debts are identified by matching receivables from the economic system and bank account turnovers. The debt is assigned a recovery procedure – strategy, corresponding to the type of receivable, priority and amount of the receivable. The recovery strategy may change over time depending on the debtor’s behavior. The debtor is automatically reminded on the basis of the individual steps of the strategy in the form of notifications and reminders, which in case of legal use are delivered by registered mail with tracking of delivery. The communication with the debtor also includes telephone contact and automatic voice messages. Based on the communication and assessment of the debtor’s situation, repayment schedules can be agreed to settle the debt.
automated reminding of debtors
Service ecosystem

Service ecosystem

Services of an external call center agency are available for communication with the debtor executed based on telephone tasks. They may contain identification of the reasons for delayed payment, verification of contact details and other optional tasks. A receivable that is not paid within a specified time period may be transferred for further internal processing or to an external company carrying out the legal recovery or repurchase of the receivable. The status of the debt is updated in the application by external company staff. The services of external partners are constantly expanding.


The application is fully customizable at all levels to process receivables individually in relation to their character, debtor and way of communication. Receivables are divided into product groups and products. The recovery procedure is configurable based on product group, product, number of days of delay, amount of debt, priority, assessment of debtor risk and tasks. Task content is dynamically generated based on the contents of configurable task templates. User access privileges can be defined selectively for each element of the application, also with regard to the protection of confidential information.
Automated debt collection is fully customizable

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